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Community Mental Health Promotion Program in Nepal

This book deals about the package of interventions called Community Mental Health Promotion (CMHP), designed to prevent and treat psychosocial and mental health problems and to promote mental health and wellbeing of people in rural communities of Nepal. This book is written basically to describe the content and process of CMHP, so that it could be used by the Psychosocial Workers (PSWs), Counselors and other professionals and Paraprofessionals, who are working in the field of psychosocial and mental health (PSMH) care.

This book will also be useful to the organizations that are working in PSMH care or are willing to integrate and implement CMHP in their psychosocial programs. However, the book is not limited to the content and process of CMHP and deals about various aspects of mental health in four chapters.