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Promoting Human Rights of Detainees and Prisoners in Nepal

Name of the project:Promoting Human Rights of Detainees and Prisoners in Nepal

Location of the project: Kathmandu (2 prisons)

Project Duration:March 2016 to August 2018 (30 months)

Donors of the project: European Union

Major activities:

  • On the basis of a participatory assessment of capacity and needs, design and deliver a tailor-made package to enhance the ability of law enforcement bodies and prison personnel (including naikes and health professionals) to work according to international and national standards. The areas of strengthening include human rights framework, improving prison conditions, prisoners’ hygiene and medical needs, communication with family, psychology, conflict/stress management, disability, gender
  • Support the Department of Prison Management to take further steps towards an “open prison” approach, as prescribed in existing plans including through exposure to a model Open Prison in India.
  • Support independent monitoring visits of appellate judges (under provisions of the law) to make them meaningful mechanisms for improving conditions of detention
  • Assist prison personnel in keeping quality records on individual prisoners and detainees (duration of stay, behavior, services accessed, legal aid, relationship with families, etc.)
  • Develop prisoners and detainees knowledge of their duties and rights
  • Improve management of infirmaries.
  • Design and implement an advocacy campaign for the improvement of living conditions and treatment in prison on the basis of the model of intervention developed by this project (including updating the 2008 assessment of prison conditions and researching the long-term disabling effect of violence in prisons)
  • Workshops and consultations with government stakeholders and National Human Rights Commission on the implementation of legal framework and reforms required (criminalization of torture, rehabilitative approach, policy implementation gaps, improving prison conditions, addressing specific needs in prison, speeding the justice system)
  • Raise awareness of law-makers and the general public on the reality of torture and ill-treatment in prisons in Nepal though various interventions (theatre, media, etc.)