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Virtual Webinar with trained counselors

A 2 hour meeting was held with counselors and key stakeholders from Province 1 and Province 7 on August 10 and 11 to understand the working status of counselors during COVID 19, involvement of counselors in protection cluster, planning for protection cluster formation in Palikas, discussion on counseling as a vital need during COVID 19, exchanging views and experience of challenges faced in working as psychosocial counselor in present situation. The meeting had the presence of key individuals from the social development ministry of Province 7 who had an opportunity to understand about psychosocial issues during COVID 19. CVICT was able to identify the number of active counselors available in these two provinces – counselors roster is being updated. Resource materials (guidelines) on psychosocial counseling over the telephone is being developed. Resource materials on suicide prevention and psychosocial support for those who have attempted suicide is being developed.