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Psychosocial Counseling Training Second Phase Session Conclude

The second theory phase of six months counseling training has completed . The training was provided by Centre for Victims of Torture Nepal with technical and financial support from the United Nations Population Fund/ Norwegian Embassy and Department of Women and Children.  A total of 16 participants from 10 different districts have participated in training starting from 15th April and will complete by 22nd Oct 2018. The project focuses more on four districts i.e. Bajhang, Baitadi, Bajura and Achham. First phase of training focused on developing basic communication skills need for counseling. However, the second phase provides more advance content in depth. Use of different alternative skills was also shared to participants on the basis of situation and case to be handled. Alternative skills such as Art therapy, Grounding, challenge questions, etc were also practiced. Everyday role-play technique was helpful where participants themselves act as client and counselor. This has boost their confidence level. Along with the psycho-social subjects, mental health and related problems such as psychosis, anger, depression, severe mental illness, and stress were also discussed with their symptoms and treatment measures. Sessions on case management and handling system was provided with referral procedure. By the end of the sessions, individual micro teaching was practiced to enhance their teaching skills and counseling practice. The third and last Phase will start from 22nd Sept- 11th Oct 2018.