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Six month psychosocial counseling training first phase completed

Six Month Psychosocial Counseling  training was started on 15th April 2018 (2nd Baishak 2075).  15 participants are under the funding of UNFPA and Department of women and Children .  First phase was 40 days theoretical in house training which was conducted from 15th April to 24th May 2018. The training was completed in a very smooth and interesting way. This phase aims to make them competent in supportive counseling along with the capacity to conduct orientation and community base resource mapping. The following table shows the content covered in the first phase. As the most of the participants are going to replace OCMC and safe house in their own district so for the advance knowledge on the basis of gender approach resource person from related field facilitate the class.

In house training was basically focused to impart theoretical knowledge so that they can apply in the practical session at field. Various activities, games, motivational acts, questionnaires, role plays practice, micro teachings, art therapies, alternative skills  were activities practiced during the session for the theoretical knowledge as well as for personality development. Micro teaching became more effective to boost up their confident level. Providing various tips on care on others and care for self became beneficial. After spending 40 days continuous training significant positive change was observed in trainees. Able to understand differently,  change in attitude, change in behavior, seems more confident, motivated  showed their commitment to complete a task are the changes observed.