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3 days training for prison officials and law enforcement bodies

The 3 days training was conducted for prison officials and law enforcement bodies regarding prison management and capacity enhancement was conducted in Pokahra from 8th November to 10th November. Thirty fivejailors from Central and Western development regions along with the representatives from Department of Prison management were present in the training. The training was organized by Department of prison management in partnership with European Union, Handicap International and Centre for Victims of Torture (CVICT) Nepal.

The training programme was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Judge ((High Court,Pokhara). He requested all the relevant stakeholder to promote human rights of and treat detainees and prisoners in humanely manner The representatives from District Administration Office, Pokharaalong with the security chief of Pokhara were also present in the inauguration programme. During the training, different resource persons presented the paper on the subject of open prison, rights and duties of detainees and prisoners in Nepal, conflict management and psychosocial support.

While speaking at the closing ceremony, the director general of Department of prison management requested the entire participant to work in transforming prison into reform house. The eight point commitment was issued after training requesting the entire relevant stakeholder to work for the protection and promoting of human rights of detainees and prisoners and development of prison into reform house.