Ongoing Program

Integrating Mental Health in Primary Health Care in a Post-conflict Setting

With an objective to improve the mental health wellbeing of people in Dang district, CVICT in support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Finland channeled through Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), implemented the three year project in 20 VDCs of Dang from January (2012-2014) in the first phase and VDCs in the second phase (2014-2016).

The project aims to change the perception of the people towards mental health with three prolonged strategies:

  1. Raising awareness among the people on mental health problems
  2. Capacitating the health workers of Sub and Health Posts (S/HP), Primary Health Centre (PHC), Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) and Physicians form district hospitals to detect, and treat common mental disorders and refer the severe mental illness cases.

Disaster Intervention (earthquake): PFA and Psychosocial care and support project

In collaboration with UNICEF, TPO Nepal, CMC Nepal and CVICT Nepal has been implementing Disaster Intervention (earthquake): PFA and Psychosocial care and support project.  

The major activities of this six month (May-October, 2015)


  •  In house Orientation to the counselors, volunteers on PFA
  • Mobilization of Psychosocial Counselors and volunteers in districts
  •  One day orientation to the frontline workers
  • Basic Emotional and Psychosocial Support to children in community:
  • Community based PFA intervention
  •  Clinical Support and Mentoring
  •  Specialized care for severe mental health problems

Coverage District

  1. Kathmandu
  2. Kavre
  3. Ramechhap
  4. Sindhuli
  5. Lalitpur

Community Based Psychological First Aid and Psychosocial Support in Post-earthquake Setting

Natural disasters (earthquake) cause significant psychological and social suffering to affected populations. The psychological and social impacts of emergencies may be acute in the short term, but they can also undermine the long-term mental health and psychosocial well-being of the affected population.

Emergency Response: Psychosocial care and support and GBV Monitoring in Displaced Camps

CVICT Nepal has entered in long-term partnership with United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) in order to address the immediate and long term trauma and psychosocial needs of earthquake affected women and other GBV survivors in 9 highly affected earthquake districts. It intends to provide immediate psychosocial support and care in the post-disaster emergency setting whereas would also capacitate and empower the local stakeholders in order to address the psychosocial hardships and challenges faced by GBV survivors in the long-run.

Developing community mental health model in Nepal

CVICT is partnership with Physician for Social Responsibility (PSR), Finland has been implementing Developing community mental health model in Nepal Project in Dang district. The key objective of this three year (2015-2017) project is to improve mental wellbeing in Nepal through better detection and treatment of mental disorders and higher awareness on mental health among community people.

Break to the Violence against Women: Community Empowerment Project

Centre for Victims of Torture Nepal (CVICT) has signed a project agreement with The Finnish NGO Foundation for Human Rights (KIOS Finland) in order to implement two years project (June 2014-May 2016)  entitled ‘Break to the Violence against Women: Community Empowerment Project’ in five remote VDCs (KUSADEVI, PANCHKHAL, METHINKOT, KAVRE and UGRACHANDI NALA) of Kavre district.

Project intends to address the current women’s human rights challenges in the district i.

Centre Based Holistic Care and Support to the Survivors of Torture along with social and political violence:

A team including doctors, psychologists, counselors, yoga therapists, physiotherapists and social workers provides comprehensive rehabilitation services and support for the survivors of torture, trauma, and other social and political violence, as well as for their families. Different approaches are being used on need basis such as medical diagnosis, therapies, counseling and legal assistance, referral etc.

Outreach Mobile Health Clinics

CVICT has been organizing mobile health clinics every year focusing on rural poor people affected by conflict and other social violence. These clinics are organized in rural villages targeting the person who can't go to hospitals for treatment.

Legal Counseling and Legal Aid

The legal section of CVICT provides free legal support to torture victims and legal assistance to the victims of other serious human rights violations such as sexual assault and witchcraft. CVICT provides legal counseling to these victims at its central office as well as in police stations, courts, prisons etc.

Lobby and Advocacy for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights

Advocacy is one of the major components of CVICT. It has organized various advocacy events, either in collaboration with networks or independently.

Skill Based Trainings

CVICT provides short-term and long-term skill based trainings on various issues such as psychosocial counseling, community mediation, stress management, discipline with dignity and human rights. It provides such trainings to I/NGO workers and individuals in order to enhance their operational capacity in the field.

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