Past Program


Capacity building of personnel on psychosocial intervention, community mediation, non violence, discipline with dignity, legal and human rights among others aim to enhance their skills. These trainings are in some way or other related to prevention of torture and rehabilitation of torture victims.


As pioneers in the field of psychosocial/ mental health in Nepal, CVICT has been continuously working on better ways to address the issues existing in the field. With an aim to develop the field of mental health and psychosocial care and support, CVICT has also been conducting various researches and surveys in the field.

Legal Aid Services

CVICT's lawyers provide free legal support to torture survivors who field their case(s) to the court(s) as per the provision of Torture compensation Act. Filing Cases for Torture Compensation, CVICT has been raising voices for legal rights of torture victims from its conception.


Rehabilitation of torture victims, CVICT plays an important role in prevention of torture through various activities. CVICT's approach to victim rehabilitation is holistic and comprehensive.

Community Mediation

CVICT successfully introduced conflict resolution out of court through community mediation project. Now other organizations have also been replicating the program in different parts of the country.

An Initiation: Fact Finding and Documentation of Human Rights Violation Cases in Nepal-funded by May 18 Memorial Foundation, South Korea

CVICT has been implementing a project entitled ‘Fact Finding and Documentation of Human Rights Violation cases in Nepal’ with funding support from May 18 Memorial Foundation. Under this project CVICT, either with other human rights organization or independently, will carry out ‘Fact Finding Missions’ in order to investigate and ascertain the relevant facts relating to and elucidating a situation of human rights concern, whether allegedly committed by state or non-state actors.

Reintegration of Children/ youths formerly Associated with Armed Forces & Armed Groups and Children Affected by Armed Conflict - UNICEF

Aiming at providing psychosocial support to Verified Minors and Late Recruits (VMLR), Children Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups (CAAFAG), and other vulnerable children, CVICT has been implementing a project in partnership with UNICEF. This project covers 27 districts of Central, Western and Mid-Western Regions of the country.

Police custody and Prison Visit to identify and document the cases of Torture and Violence

CVICT conducts periodic visit to police custody and prisons to identify and document the cases of torture and other violence. If the need arises, preliminary legal advice is provided to newly arrested persons, including information about their rights (all the while ensuring that no violence has been inflicted on them by the police).

Creating a Pool of Local Level Counselors to Provide Psycho-social Counseling Services to the Conflict Affected Women and Girls- [GRRSP Project-UN Women]

CVICT has entered into a project partnership with UN WOMEN in order to create a pool of local level counselors to provide psycho-social counseling services to the conflict affected women and girls in the project districts.
The project will contribute to the larger project objectives (GRRSPP) by particularly addressing psychological challenges/hardships generated by decade long armed conflict in the country, in which most of women were affected due to their gendered roles and responsibilities.

Integrating Mental Health in Primary Health Care in a Post-Conflict Setting, Dang- funded by Physician for Social Responsibility (PSR), Finland

CVICT is partnership with Physician for Social Responsibility (PSR), Finland has been implementing Integrating Mental Health in Primary Health Care in a Post-Conflict Setting Project in Dang district. The key objective of this three year (2012-2014) project is to improve mental wellbeing in Nepal through better detection and treatment of mental disorders and higher awareness on mental health among community people.

Fight Violence against Women with Sensitivity- funded by KIOS Finland

In partnership with KIOS-Finland, CVICT has been implementing a project entitled ‘Fighting Violence against Women with Sensitivity’ project. This one year project (Jan-Dec 2013) aims at addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) against women and girls in KAVRE district.

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