Centre for Victims of Torture, Nepal (CVICT)

CVICT was established in 1990 and registered as a nonprofit and non-government organization in Nepal. Since its formation, its efforts have centred on the rehabilitation of torture victims as well as the prevention of torture.

CVICT has diligently rehabilitated victims of torture in Nepal over the last 20 years. Its emphasis on psychosocial services along with medical treatment helps victims, as well as their families, return to normal life.

CVICT's goals are to restore human dignity, end impunity, and work towards eradicating torture from Nepal. For people suffering from consequences of torture and other forms of organized violence it provides holistic services to address a person's physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, and help restore the social fabric in the family and community.

In addition, CVICT activities attempt to prevent torture and other human rights abuses or forms of organized violence. These activities include advocacy, legal aid, fact finding, community mediation, awareness programmes, campaigning and networking with line agencies, including national and international communities.

Case Stories

Stories from the field - earthquake response

1. A case of a 14 year old who was raped

She had a severe stomach-ache and her knee was burning.  She looked scared. It is shocking to know that a 14 year old is carrying symptoms of pregnancy.

CVICT staffs were providing FFS counseling to other victims when a man came rushing to seek help from the outreach workers. The man looked restless; he hurriedly brought his daughter in our counseling room right after he learned about her pregnancy from local hospital workers. Her health was in fragile condition. She was panicking and so were ever

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