Programmetic Approaches

CVICT has been working on programmetic approach since its establishment. The organization has been working on its regular programs to meet its goal regardless of the funding availability. CVICT implements all its projects and programs to meet its programetic goal. All activities of the organization are intended to fulfil its goal.

Gender and Conflict Sensitive Approaches

CVICT implements all the programs following Gender and Conflict Sensitive Approach. The organization follows gender mainstreaming strategies in its program interventions.  The organization follows gender sensitive programming in its intervention. The organization pays proper attention to ensure that our interventions are not creating conflict in the society rather assisting to decrease conflict and potential conflicts. All its interventions are targeted to address the causes and consequences of conflict.  

Do No Harm Approaches

CVICT has been adopting ‘Do No Harm’ (DNH) approach, which is now considered an essential tool to ensure conflict sensitivity in development and humanitarian activities. Do No Harm is useful for understanding the impacts of assistance programs on the socio / political schisms that cause, or have the potential to cause, destruction or violence between groups.  

Human Rights based Approaches

CVICT has been adopting human rights-based approach as a process that builds capacity and competence of victims and target community. Human Rights-based approach aims at achieving results for themselves. The approach will focus to equip beneficiaries with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that broaden their options, their confidence can be built up and they can be empowered to take control of their lives.

Multidisciplinary and holistic Approaches

CVICT’s approach to victim rehabilitation is holistic and comprehensive. CVICT provides medical, psychosocial and legal services to torture and trauma survivors and their families as it is essential for healing the victims and their families.

Community based Approaches

CVICT works in partnership with persons of concern during all stages of program cycle following Community based approach. It recognizes the capacities, skills and resources of its target group, builds on these to deliver protection and support to the community’s own goals. The organization helps communities to prevent their problems and receive solution from their problems rather instead of having external actors step in and assume these responsibilities.

Culturally Sensitive Approaches

CVICT is very sensitive towards norms, values and culture of geography it has been working. The culture lens is an approach that can advance the goals of programming effectively and efficiently with strong community acceptance and ownership. The organization analyses, understands and utilizes positive cultural values, assets and structures in their planning and programming processes, so as to reduce resistance community. Culturally sensitive approach is very crucial for dealing with victims and other beneficiaries with whom CVICT works. The organization works to have ownership of the community in its programs to make such programs successful.

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