The Centre for Victims of Torture, Nepal (CVICT) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working in Nepal since last 28 years. The organization has been working for rehabilitation of victims of torture, advocating for eradication of torture and promoting human rights in Nepal.

CVICT is the only centre of its kind in Nepal, which has been providing professional medical, psychosocial and legal services to victims of torture and trauma associated with torture or inhuman treatment. The organization has been adopting holistic and multi-disciplinary approach in its interventions as it is essential to adequately assist victims of torture and their families to overcome physical, mental and emotional consequences of torture. The organization rendered its professional services to torture victims and victims of human rights abuses during the decade long armed insurgency as well.


CVICT believes that torture does not only affect victims of torture and their families, but that it permeates our society. CVICT is also actively involved in various campaigns at the national and international level to promote torture-related human rights. CVICT has been playing important role at the national level to promulgate various laws and reform various laws, which are not compatible with the international human rights instruments.

CVICT has been playing active role for providing support to torture victims and their families to cope with the consequences of torture and trauma by providing them legal, medical and psychosocial services at a time when the country is passing through a difficult transitional period. The organization has also been working to prevent and eradicate all forms of torture and inhuman treatment and promote physical and psychosocial wellbeing of individuals subjected to torture and other social violence.

Even though Torture is the core sectoral priorities of CVICT, it has been expanding its working approaches to address other sectors as well such as Violence against Women, Community Peace Building and Corporal Punishment that are directly or indirectly contributing to the promotion of torture and other human rights abuses. CVICT is a pioneer organization in psychosocial and mental health components which, it believes, must be incorporated in every social development intervention as a cross cutting themes, without which a project will be incomplete. It has been adopting right based integrated model while providing services to the beneficiaries.

CVICT works with many non-government organizations and universities in Nepal and worldwide to fulfill its goals. For example, the organization has been receiving support from various support partners like USAID, CIDA, CCO, EU, CARE, UNICEF, ICCO-KIA, UNFPA, Care International, Plan Nepal, Helvetas, Amnesty international, British Embassy, German Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Swedish Embassy, Danish Embassy, UNVFVT, MSF, Save the Children Norway, CVT, Save the children US, The Asia Foundation, South Asia Women Fund, HAMU/NORAD, Finish Embassy, McGill University, Canada, Grand challenge Canada, IRCT, PSR, ILO, DFID/ESP, UNWOMEN,KIOS, May 18 memorial foundation ,DANIDA etc to work in the field of eradication of torture and violation of human rights. Being a professional organization with years long experience in the field of psychosocial counseling, the organization has been providing its experience and expertise to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees of many of these organizations on psychosocial issues.


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